Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Advanced

Yoga. Mindfulness. Meditation.

Have you wanted to begin meditating but weren’t sure where to start? Meditation brings mind and body into union, or in Yoga. Once you learn the basics of meditation and Yoga, you can practice almost anywhere and anytime, bringing you peace with just a few minutes a day. Life tends to drain your energy, send your mind in many directions, and create a feeling of being overwhelmed. Meditation and Yoga will center your body and mind into the same vibration, putting you on the path to wellness.

Benefits for Beginners

  • Learn practical exercises
  • Find meaning & purpose
  • Align yourself with wellness
  • Learn simple ways to care for your body
  • Learn self-help tools
  • Learn to heal Mind & body
  • Develop a better life balance
  • Integrate physical, emotional & spiritual health

Go Deeper

  • Promote deep healing
  • Transmute negative thinking & old beliefs
  • Live a Joyful & peaceful life
  • Develop wisdom & knowledge
  • Cultivate a state of awareness and stillness
  • De-stress body & mind
  • Reduce stress and anxiety


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What is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of bringing your body and your mind into the same vibration, into the present moment. This union is also known as Yoga. By meditating, you settle your mind into the alpha and beta brainwaves and put your body’s nervous system into its parasympathetic state, which brings calm and peace.

With just a few minutes of Meditation Yoga per day, you will start to see these meditation benefits:

  • Increased Concentration
  • Control Anxiety
  • Better Attention Span
  • Mental Clarity
  • Emotional Calmness
  • Reduced Stress
  • Better Focus
  • Personal Awareness

Then, along with pilates and breathwork you will create a personalized program for mind and body that puts you on the right path to better health and wellness.

Meditation/Yoga Videos:

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